Monday, November 30, 2009

A blog without pictures... like a night without stars. And since I'm now sans camera, I was so happy to get some pics over email from Dane & Vanessa (new friends we met on our snorkeling / sailing day - up at Magnetic Island) to share with you.

Dane & Vanessa had an underwater camera (something I may look into now that I'm in the market again). I played photographer for them, and Dane snapped a few pictures of me in all my gear/glory. We all wore stinger suits, since it's jellyfish season - they provide you protection against venomous stings, harmful UV rays...and also leave very little to the imagination. Skin-tight, and definitely a super hot look. ;)
Coming up for some air...
Scuba Steve-ing it up

The Providence sail boat

Last night I had dinner with Melissa, Nat's younger sister. Melissa and I met early for a drink, and headed over to Maggie's in Potts Points - it's an Austrian / German restaurant with the best schnitzel in town.

Melissa's friends, Daisy and James, joined us as we were sitting down, and just as we were about to order, Nat & Melissa's mum, Dot, walked in with flowers and a cupcake from the Chan girls' favorite bakery. I was so glad I got a chance to meet Nat's mum and sister, who were sweet as can be. We had such a fun dinner, and I heard some stories about Nat when she was little, that were too cute. Later that night Dot was introducing me as her 'switch daughter' and Melissa was referring to me as her 'faux sister', so I decided that if the Chan family was up for it, and they wanted to adopt an American daughter who's 26 yrs old, and would need very little supervision...I'd totally throw my hat into the ring. Which would make getting an Australian work visa so much easier, as I'd just become a citizen through my new parents. bish bash bosh.

Thank you to Melissa & Dot for such a nice night out on the city!! I only wish my folks were closer to NYC, so they could have met Nat...and don't worry mom & dad, I'm not filing for emancipation just yet (as I still need to hear back from the Chans if they're interested in a 3rd daughter), but either way, I promise we'll stay in touch. ;)

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  1. How cute! How nice of her fam to come out with you! I am liking these australian blokes more and more each blog!