Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Lunch @ the Aussie

Today, AJ 'The Kid' organized a Welcome Lunch for me at the Aussie. I had been hearing about their duck pizza all week, and we lucked out because it was a gorgeous day. (However, brace yourself for next Monday's post - it's supposed to be 40 celsius, which is 104 F - so not looking forward to that).

Anyway, we got a couple of big tables outside and enjoyed pizza, beer, sunshine and some inappropriate jokes for our Friday luncheon.

AJ and I - showcasing my lovely peppered kangaroo pizza. His duck pizza, which was insanely awesome - is to the right. Dan switched me a piece of his duck pizza for my kangaroo, so I could try a slice of 'the best on the menu', but still order the typical tourist offering.
Close up of my 1st kangaroo experience. It's a little gamey - but tastes a little bit like venison. Definitely a meaty taste - but lean. All in all, not bad.
Table 1 - Me, the other AJ, Chris, Neal, Megan, Alex, Dan & Loren.

Table 2 - Greer, Brendan, JTI, Me, Jez, Ali & Aisea.
Rob, Kate, Al & I.

The boys chatting sport. AJ, Brendan, JTI & Aisea. Aisea and Neal are two of the planners that I helped with focus groups last night (yes, I am actually working over here...and was at the office until 10pm) :) We had a late night with consumers, it was a really interesting group, that I probably can't tell you too much about, since the focus groups attendees all had to sign NDAs...but it was comforting to see that you get some crazies in focus groups here, just like you do back in the States...ahhh market research.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Zoo with Loz, Lara, Dom & Bron - and Sunday the Bondi to Bronte walk with AJ & Jacq - so more postings to come when I'm back in the office on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!!

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