Sunday, November 29, 2009

Race Results & Weekend Update

So Dan didn't win the race - but he did c0me out with some war wounds. He was in the lead for about 70m until he tripped (we're not sure if he was tripped, or fell on his own accord), but he got some scrapes on the pavement, and Neal went on to win the race. There will be a re-match mid February, and I hope someone from the office provides me with the video from race 2, as Dan was robbed. This was a picture from AJ's I somehow managed to lose my camera this wknd.

I spent the wknd up in Noosa / Boreen Point with Matt, and had a fantastic weekend. I took heaps of pictures that I wish I could share with you. I somehow managed to lose my camera from the time I got out of Matt's car at the airport, passed through security, sat down at a coffee shop, and went to take my camera out to look through pics from the weekend. It was nowhere to be found...I think the Brisbane airport is tired from hearing from me checking on lost & found every 30 or so minutes. My only hope is someone who's a sleuth finds it, sees pictures of Saatchi Sydney's name plate with the address outside the office and decides to send it to me here. Fingers crossed. ;) Ugh...I'm so mad at myself I am sick to my stomach, but at least I didn't lose my blackberry, passport or wallet - those would all be worse than my camera.

Good news is - working on Sony, I get a discount, so think I'll buy a Cybershot for my last couple of weeks here - and then replace my Canon when I get back home.

Anyway, my weekend up in Noosa was wonderful - again, wish I could share pics :( But Matt and I got up to his folk's vacation home on Friday night - just chilled out, and got up early Saturday morning and headed to the Eumundi Markets...which is a big flea market with Australian products, musicians and tons of good food. We walked around the markets for awhile, and then drove back into Noosa and headed to Noosa National Park for a hike. It was absolutely gorgeous - and we did the Coastal walk that went along the Coast line, but also through some of the forrest - I was on the look out for Koalas in the wild, didn't see any, but we did see a Kangaroo on the side of the road when we drove back to Boreen Point. Matt thought it was fun to see how many people I could say 'G'day' to during the course of our hike. I started out a little 'A's are too long (thank you state of MN), so I sounded kind of like a jerk...but I think I made some people's mornings with my authentic Aussie greeting. :) Anyway, since I don't have my pics, do a quick google image search for Noosa National Park - and just picture me in the photos that come up.

After our hike we headed to lunch at Bistro C along the boardwalk - spent some time on Noosa Beach and then headed back to Boreen Point. We went over to the Apollonian Hotel for dinner and a few too many drinks...but had a great time hanging out at this ranch like bar- it felt like an establishment you'd roll up to in TX off of some obscure highway, only difference to remind me I wasn't in the Lone Star State was that there were palm trees.

On Sunday we woke up and I drove us back to Noosa Beach. Matt is a very brave man, letting me behind the wheel of his company car...there was a lot more traffic in Noosa than out on Maggie Island...and I went through what felt like 50+ roundabouts to get us to the beach, yielding to cars, and gunning it to avoid being ran into. I think I did 'okay', but didn't feel great about driving close to the center line, so drove a bit too close to the shoulder for Matt's liking. He was a very calm riding shotgun though, and I appreciated the practice before my solo roadtrip across NZ. At the beach we met up with Matt's friends, Matt & Christy, who were in Noosa for the weekend doing some wedding planning. They're getting married next October on the beach in Noosa - they were a lovely couple and I got to meet their parents too (both moms were worried about me getting too much sun on the beach and offered me their hats a number of times). :) After the morning on the beach, we headed back to the Apollonian for their whole pig roast lunch (again, could have fooled me that I wasn't in TX with Jess), and then spent the rest of the day relaxing at the house before driving back to the airport. It was a great weekend, and I really wish I had my camera to share photos with you all. I am so sick to my stomach about it, and trying to figure out the best way to obtain a camera for my last 2 weeks here. I think I'll buy a Sony one at a discount, but replace my Canon when I get back to the states when it's not as expensive. (Dear Santa / Mom - I'd like a Canon camera for Christmas. Love, Amy).


  1. Ah man, I love Noosa. And I'll have you know that is kind of like the mecca of Aussie Triathlon. It is the home of the Noosa Triathlon Multisport Festival and has a lot of big name Aussies come out to race. Plus, Ellie and I went sea kayaking there, so of course I love that place. Glad you enjoyed it so much!!!

  2. Hey E - yeah, I saw a Noosa triathlon statue (which I took a picture of, but since my camera is gone, you'll just have to take my word for it). What an awesome place to do a race. I've signed up for the nautica south beach triathlon in april in miami with some TNT me there? :) give ellie a hug from me.

  3. Bummer about losing your camera! I felt that way when I flushed my only form of photo identification down the toilet in San Fran, 8 hours before my flight was to return me to Tejas. Oh and if you'd ever make it to Houston, you'd see that we have palm trees too :)