Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kings Cross

Friday night I went out in Kings Cross - the Coke billboard is a well known landmark in the area - and we went to Piano Room (the bar with blue neon lights right below the billboard). I met up with a friend of mine, Natalie Romig - who's originally from New Orleans, but used to work at Integer in Denver. Which is the instore agency for Iams, so I used to work very closely with Natalie, before she up and moved to Sydney (so awesome).

Natalie is loving her ex pat lifestyle, and introduced me to a ton of her friends at happy hour. I met an Aussie, Steve, and a British guy, Dave - and we got to talking how I was here doing a Switch at Saatchi - they both asked me if I knew AJ at Saatchi? My answer, of course I know AJ - I'm practically his shadow at work - and our cubes share a wall. They all play together on a cricket team. Also, on Saturday night, I was talking to a girl named Danielle at the cook off party, and we were talking about the US - she mentioned how her roommate is from New Orleans - I stopped her mid sentence, and asked - is your roommate Natalie Romig? Yes - Nat's her roommate. It's truly a very small world.

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