Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Digs

Here are a few pics from the apt that I'm staying at out in Manly - I feel so lucky that I'm able to call this place 'home' for the next 5 weeks. I've got two roommates, Jake and Bron - both originally from Perth on the West Coast. It's great getting to know a few 'Perthies' as they have even more Australian slang from the opposite coast to learn. I love all the sayings...and have been collecting new terms on my desk. I'm sure I'll dedicate a few posts on how to speak 'Australian' - doubtful that it'll include ''Fosters' - Australian for Beer'' (I don't think they even drink that over here).

We're having a cook-off party this weekend at the apt, so I'll be sure to take some more pics and post photos of my new roommates. They've been so sweet and helpful in getting me settled. Jake and his friends referred to me as Ms. USA before I got here, which I find hysterical, but who knows, maybe in a past life I was a pageant girl. ;)

Terrace where I eat my cereal in the morning - not a bad way to start my day.

View of the kitchen - it'll be hopping this weekend with the cook off - still trying to decide on what dish to make.

Living room shots - the apartment definitely could be photographed for my fave magazine Coastal Living.


  1. Very cool! I was actually going to ask you if you had any Foster's yet, or had eaten at Outback. When in Australia...

  2. OMG it is so BEAUTIFUL! I am glad you are living the life but kind of wish it were a dump because you're not going to want to come home!