Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup

My first day of work fell on 'Melbourne Cup Day' - otherwise known as 'The Race that stops a Nation' In Victoria - it's actually a holiday where all offices are closed. In the rest of Australia - it isn't a day off, but all sorts of shenanigans take place. When I got into work AJ, Dan & I went and got coffee at the cafe around the corner and went through the WIP of all current projects on Sony... I spent some time looking over the briefs I'd be taking over, asking a few questions, and heading back to the office to get my keys, computer, passwords, etc. all sorted. At noon, we went across the street to the pub, fondly referred to as 'Boardroom 5' where a lot of meetings take place outside of the agency. We had a few beers, placed some bets on our fave horses - I did a couple of mystery trifectas, figuring the machines picking at random would be better than me. We came back to the agency, had a lunch with everyone and waited for the races to begin. AJ was the emcee on the mic - auctioning off all of the horses in the race...the pot got up to $1200 and Simon, a planner, won it all since he bought the horse named 'Shocking' for $50 who took the cup. We also had best hat, best tie, best dressed awards, which was hysterical (there were some pretty fantastic outfits yesterday, but being the new girl I didn't want to be too creepy with my camera...so I'll have to post some photos of co-workers once I get to know them a bit better...stay tuned).

(Day 1 - Beers & Bets)

The race started at 3pm - after the race we all stuck around the agency, continued the party and I introduced myself around to as many people as I could. I love that this is still a Saatchi office, but it feels like a small shop compared to NY - I had a beer yesterday with the CEO of the office, which would never happen at home. I'm definitely loving this opportunity!!

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