Thursday, November 5, 2009

Need your help - American Cuisine

Bron, Jake & I were watching a movie at home last night, when someone ordered a 'chili dog' at a baseball game- they both turned to me and asked, pretty much in unison, what's a chili dog? I was almost embarrassed explaining it. It's a hot dog, covered with meat chili, topped with raw onions and cheese. We got to talking about other fine 'American Cuisine' dishes - and we decided we're going to have a Bar Americain night at home.

I'm going to be cooking up some truly American dishes...but I need your help - what quintessential dishes want to make you break out singing the song 'I'm proud to be an American'? Think simple, probably not so-good-for-you food...ala concession stands.

Let me know what you think? Maybe chili dogs, potato salad and angel food cake with strawberries? Only issue is making things from scratch - they don't have Hormel Chili in a can at the supermarket here (not necessarily a bad thing).

Thanks for your help on dishes - love all the comments on the posts so far :)


  1. Hi Amy!
    Sarah and I are enjoying reading your blog.
    Sarah said to suggest your grandmas "Hot Dish" for a traditional american meal. If you are going to go for greasy ballpark style food
    then maybe throw in a frito chili pie!

    Sarah and Jake

  2. -Chicken Pot Pie (I'll email you an easy recipe),
    -Macaroni and cheese,
    -Bacon (that comes from my French coworker who thinks Americans=bacon),
    -Pulled pork (do you have a crock pot? easy to make here)

  3. I agree with Tracy, mac and cheese for sure. Can you make frito pie?

  4. Perhaps a chili bar where you can create a chili dog, chili cheese fries and nachos with chili.

    Any good chili bar should also include queso/nacho cheese/melted velveta.

    And don't underestimate the power of meatloaf!!! might have to make them a proper Thanksgiving meal for them at some point too!

  5. I think nachos, sloppy joes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, potato skins, 7 layer dip, wings, sliders/burgers, pulled pork, BLTs, macaroni salad, potato salad,cole slaw, baked beans, ribs, deviled eggs, peach cobbler, stawberry shortcake, mac and cheese, fried chicken...can you tell I LOVE not-so-good-for-you food? Good luck!

  6. no chili dogs in Australia?!? Are there chipotles there at least?

  7. Bron is a great name... I feel like he might be Brock Schneider's long lost Australian brother.

    I'd make them a nice Mexican dinner although it defeats the purpose of an American themed party.

  8. Amy - ask them if they've ever had pumpkin pie. We made pumpkin pie and tacos on our "American night" there - most of the aussies have never had Mexican food - so I agree with Scott here!

  9. Corn dogs, tater tots, fried chicken, sliders. Peach cobbler. Ok... gotta go. Hungry now. :)