Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gazebo Wine Gardens

I met up with Molly again last night for another great dinner, and some yummy Tasmania wine. Jansz is one of the wineries that Molly visited on her latest trip to Tasmania. We went to Gazebo Wine Gardens, near her place in Potts Point. http://www.thegazebos.com.au/gazebo/index.html

The restaurant was very eclectic, with cool furniture, decorations and plants everywhere - it felt like stepping into a green house inside of your great aunt's attic.

It's so fun catching up with Molly, because she lived in NY for 10 years before coming on an assignment over here - we spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting the 2 cities, and then the majority of our time thinking back on funny 'remember whens' from my IBM account days at Ogilvy.

However, the highlight of my night may have been being proposed to by a very good looking Australian bloke. I was sitting at the bar waiting for Molly to arrive (I got there a little early - thanks to my very nice trip on the subway). Anyway, I ordered a glass of wine from the bartender, and when he heard my accent he asked where I was from? I said New York - easier than explaining, CO, well, MN...actually I live in NYC now...etc. When I said New York - his facial expression changed automatically. He said, that's my favorite city in the world, I casually said 'I'll trade you', and next thing I knew he was down on his knee behind the bar, removing a ring from his finger and offering it to me. Apparently he's looking for a US-citizen for a wife. I totally blew my chances by asking for his name first, rather than just blurting out 'yes'...but he later topped my wine off for me, 'on the house', so he may still be interested. ;)

Signs in the park on the way to the restaurant. long ways from home.

Dandelion fountain in the park near Gazebo Wine Gardens.

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  1. Ohhhh! Houston has the same Dandelion fountain :)