Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Manly Beach - 7 miles from Sydney, 1000 miles from Care.

During my switch, I'm staying out at Manly Beach in a 3 bedroom apt with a gorgeous terrace that overlooks the harbour (I'll take some pictures at the apt tonight and will be sure to post them). Manly is marked with the A on the map below, and then I take the ferry to work through
the Sydney Harbour into the CBD (Central Business District downtown). Downtown you can also see on the map an area called 'The Rocks' that's where Saatchi's office is located, and I'll be posting some pictures of the space.

Manly is a really cute beach town, and the start of the 'Northern Beaches'. When I got in on Monday afternoon I walked Shelly Beach, Manly Beach and then through the cliffs up to Freshwater Beach (more pics below).

There tourism slogan that's been around since the 70s is Manly - 7 miles from Sydney, 1000 miles from Care. It definitely has a relaxed vibe, and my first day I spent time with my book on the beach watching the surfers. (I've made it a goal to get up on a board while I'm here - luckily my roommate has several boards, and a whole lot of patience to try and teach me - if the weather's nice, we're going to give it a go on Sunday).

I'm only a few blocks from the beach, and am finding that morning swims in the ocean is a great way to start the day :) (I could definitely get used to living on the water...and by water, I mean swimable water, not the Hudson River).
This is the main beach in Manly - Manly Beach...

Here's Shelly Beach - a little cove, and a smaller beach along Manly's shore...

And this is my walk along the cliffs to Freshwater Beach - you head through tunnels in the cliff to get to the other side, and there were even more 'creepy crawlers' in the tunnel, something scurried across my foot, but thankfully it was dark and I couldn't see what it was..I'm thinking it was a crab of some sort.

Me on the other side of the tunnel...you'll be seeing quite a few self-portraits this trip I think...good thing I like exploring new places on my own!

**This is my first time creating a blog on blogger - and I'm obviously having a bit of a hard time formatting the pictures so they look just right...so I've decided not to care (as long as I get them up, right?!) Huge props to all the blogs I read on a regular basis that have perfected their layouts...clearly I'm a novice.

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