Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Lunch @ Harbour View

Today we went to lunch at the Harbour View Hotel - which is a restaurant situated pretty much directly beneath the Harbour Bridge overlooking the water - this was the view from our table. I was happy to see fish & chips on the menu, because I still hadn't tried this Sydney staple, and I needed a bit of a greasy lunch after my big night out on the town with Anna, Nat's bestie, last night (thanks again Anna for the fantastic thai dinner, and finding Pocket Bar - great night, and per your request, no photos will be featured on the world wide web). But if you find yourself in Sydney, definitely stop by Pocket Bar in East Sydney - great hole in the wall spot!

Here are some of the people on the Bridge climb - every 15 minutes another group of 10 or so people would walk by on the Bridge (matching outfits, gear and carabiners). I was interested in doing the walk, but when I found out it was $200 - decided those 2 greenies could be better spent elsewhere.
Fish & Chips...
While we were at lunch, Nat text AJ saying she was at dinner with Jake & Loren (who just arrived in NYC today - already miss you guys here). Anyway, she let us know she was at dinner with Jake & Loz, and they were sitting next to Matt Dillon! AJ wrote back and said he was at lunch with Dan, Neal & I - and we were sitting next to Rob Hunwick! Touche.
I hope my team in NY is taking Nat out to some fantastic lunches in the West Village...I feel extremely lucky to be working with the guys on the Sony team - thanks again for lunch today!! I'm off to Magnetic Island this wknd, so plenty of pictures when I'm back on Monday - have a great weekend!

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  1. Love that you are having Friday lunches, so fun! So far I took Nat to Mae Mae and then on Friday Blue Ribbon Bakery. Hoping to get in a few more lunch places before she leaves!