Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dedicated to J Schwartz...

A good friend of mine, Jess Schwartz, has started up a blog dedicated to her morning commute on the Houston bus lines. Jess and I used to be roommates on the UES, and she was a pro with maneuvering the subway and bus routes of NYC. Sadly, when she moved back to Houston last year, she found herself to be one of the very few that utilizes public transportation in TX. Her blog is quite humorous, and can be found here: http://schwartzblawg.blogspot.com/

Jess has been an avid reader of my switch blog, and leaves funny comments that I very much appreciate, so when I took the Sydney subway last night for the very 1st time, I thought of her, and ignored the funny looks when I took out my camera and started snapping pics. The subway system is pretty straightforward, similar to DC that you need your ticket both entering and exiting at the stops (I always seem to put my ticket in the perfect place, hidden somewhere in my wallet, that it's never a quick thing getting out at my destination). However, unlike the subway trains in the states - Sydney's trains are double deckers. You walk through the yellow doors, can stand on that level or walk up or down a few steps to find seats. With taking the ferry to work every day, riding the subway last night to the Cross, hoping in the occasional very high-priced taxi...all I need to do is find a bus to make my tour de transportation complete. Jess - so far I'd give Sydney a 8.5 out of 10. The score would be upped if they offered more ferries in the am.

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  1. Ohhhhhh I feel so cool getting a shout out from Australia!!! I am so happy that you are utilizing public transportation! We can save the ozone layer, 1 subway ride at a time! Love you!