Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opera Bar, Opera House & Cafe Sydney

I had the absolute best night out on the town with Molly Wagman last night. Molly is an old co-worker of mine from Ogilvy New York. We worked on IBM together, she on the server team and I was on the software team, so I never had the pleasure of sitting in on client conference calls with her, but have always enjoyed Molly and her amazing sense of humor!

We started off the night at Opera Bar right next to the Opera House and had a few glasses of wine and caught up. She told me all about her ex-pat lifestyle, and the differences between the Ogilvy NY and Ogilvy Sydney offices. We then headed into the Opera House, picked up our tickets at will call and found our table for the one-man Alan Cumming Cabaret show. His CD cover is pictured below - and if you ever have the chance to see 'Alan Cumming: I Bought a Blue Car Today' - do it. Awesome show, he has such a presence on stage, is an amazing performer, and had so many songs poking fun not only at America, but even more specifically NYC - so while other people were just laughing, Molly and I were almost brought to tears by his jokes.
Sydney Opera House - lit up in red in honor of Rememberance Day.

Sydney CBD - at night after the show let out.

After the show, we walked back towards the Wharf and went to dinner at Cafe Sydney - I think I would be hard pressed to find a better meal in this city. The food was delicious, the scene was great - Cafe Sydney is an open patio, very modern looking restaurant that sits on top floor of the historic Customs House, and overlooks the Harbour. My camera doesn't work so hot at night - but here's their site - if you're ever in Sydney, go here:
During dinner fireworks started going off - again for Rememberance Day - but Molly was explaining to me that the Aussie LOVE their fireworks...a country I could get used to, being that I also heart fireworks. Something else we got to talking about was that the Aussie LOVE toast - not that I don't like a good slice of toast, but their affinity towards toast and banana bread is something Molly's never seen before. :)

View from our table of the Harbour.
Our Tazmanian (Handsome) Devil of a waiter, Ryan - who so sweetly brought out Moreton Bay Bugs for me to see before they were cut up and cooked.
Moreton Bay Bugs - cut in 1/2 - not the most appealing crustacean I've ever had on my plate, but definitely one of the tastiest - kind of similar to lobster, but not as heavy.
Posing with our waiter Ryan - from Tasmania - he's never been to NYC - but we've given him 'must tries' when he gets there - for some reason we got to talking about sandwiches - Cheesesteaks are on his list. Another 'American' thing that Molly and I do is mix deli meats together - apparently Aussie frown on roast beef and turkey sharing space between two slices of bread - who knew? We made him promise to try roast beef, turkey swiss and cole slaw all rolled up in a wrap.
We asked him if there was anything he wanted to say on my blog to make it him an overnight internet sensation (with all of my 19 followers, this is a highly trafficked site). He didn't have any remarks, just left us wondering if he already isn't an internet sensation? Hmmm... Ryan - if you're reading this - thanks for being so patient with me being such a tourist and snapping pictures all night. Molly - if you're reading this - thanks for the best night out in Sydney - and for such an awesome restaurant experience - loved it!!

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  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip. So happy for you that you are getting this experience. And the blog is a hoot. Keep the stories coming!