Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look-a-Like & Quote wall

No camera yet, but I do have my blackberry - so was able to get some quick snaps of the now pretty sorry looking look-a-like wall. There are 2 look-a-like walls at Saatchi on level 4 & level 5 - but most of the pictures and quotes have been taken down already to get go into the end of the year video. The whole board was covered last week, and wish I would have grabbed a couple of quick pics then. People grab clippings from newspapers or print out different celebs and pin them up on the wall as 'look-a-likes' - for example Steve Back is the creative director here at Saatchi Sydney, and someone printed out the singer of Smash Mouth as his celeb twin below. It's definitely a funny wall to check out, but another difference between the Sydney vs NY offices, is this would never fly at the NY office - and someone would probably get sued for some of the not so PG-13 photos that are up. ;)

The majority of the quotes from the quote wall have been taken down for the video too - but you all would be proud that even though I was only in the Sydney office for a few short weeks, I managed to make it up on the quote wall. My quote: "Nachos are really American." I thought that I'd tell you the quote first, then the story to try and explain myself, but bare in mind, there is no such thing as 'context' when it comes to the quote wall.
A few weeks back, I brought in left overs from Americana night for AJ & Rob to enjoy some mac & chz and chili dogs for lunch. The boys & I were heating up lunch in the kitchen, and Rosie was making herself nachos - we somehow got to talking about how we were having an 'American lunch', and the boys mentioned something along the lines of how she wasn't included. I, not wanting her to feel left out, and also genuinely feeling that this is some-what true...told her she could join us, and not to worry, 'Nachos are really American too....' I know, stupid comment, but we do LOVE our Mexican food back in the states. And many of you suggested food with Mexican flare when I asked for American suggestions....so I don't know that it was truly quote-wall worthy. ;)

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