Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New name

Welcome to 70 George Street, on The Rocks. The Saatchi office is in an older building that's called the Metcalfe. It's situated right under the Harbour Bridge and has a really cool vibe - big brown wooden block staircases, views of the Harbour from the windows, exposed brick. It's an awesome office, and actually going under renovations starting next year. I already think it's an amazing space, so I'll have to have Nat send pics to me after the reno is completed.

Oh...and this is downstairs in reception, decorated for the Melbourne cup, but that's the Opera House right outside the big deal. ;)

Directly across the street - is Mercantile Hotel Bar - which is an Irish Pub, and Boardroom 5 for Saatchi...I've already had a 'meeting' over there with Dan & AJ.

And as for my new case you need to reach me on my work email, I can be found at - that's right Johnston with a 't' - my computer, lotus notes, share drive, etc were all set up for Amy Johnston - so I'm just going to roll with it. ;)
My parents blessed me with one of the most generic names I've ever heard - so I'm kind of excited, I think the extra 't' adds a little sass, thoughts?!


  1. I'm going to start going by Jessica Schwarz.

  2. I think Ellie and I had a beer at that bar? Is there a German style bar near you????

  3. i love the Rocks!! so pretty underneath the bridge!!! god. i am soo insanely jealous, Amy Johnston! miss you!!

  4. As long as your initials still make you "A BJ" then I don't care what they throw after them!

    And Jess, did you know "schwarz" is the color "black" in German?