Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore...

...so after 3 straight days of traveling (using wet ones as my form of 'showering'), losing Halloween '09 to space and time (thought about wearing my Elvis costume on the flight, but the bedazzled polyester jumpsuit lost out in the comfort battle vs my CU sweatpants), and an emergency landing in Kansas City on my NYC to SF flight (a story for another time..but hopefully United will double check their landing gear hydraulics before I make my way back to the US of A)...I've finally made it to Oz - AKA 'land of the creepy crawlies'. The first 2 mins into my new apt I came across this Huntsman Spider.

It is easily the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life. I thought about just letting it hang out in
the bathroom until Jake got home from work - but that was a good 5 hours away, and then I thought about this spider crawling into my mouth while I slept that night...not sure why my mind jumped there, but I figured I'd better take matters into my own hands. I tried to just press the toilet paper up against the wall and squish the spider...after a few minutes of holding it in place I thought I was good to go...I released the toilet paper, and the spider leapt out with a vengeance. It was crawling (at very high speeds, I might add) right towards me...so I grabbed my shampoo bottle and went to town on him....the result:

I'd like to thank Kirby & Tye for the head's up to watch out for spiders and shake out my shoes every morning...definitely noted.


  1. YOU MURDERER! I am contacting PETA now, you will not get away with this.

  2. Oh my goodness! There are guts everywhere! This would have been a good use of the dustbuster!!!!

  3. OH MY GOD. I almost just cried and had a heart attack when I saw this. I will have nightmares now. I hope you don't see any more!