Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morning Ritual

Every morning Dan, AJ and I head over to Fine Foods, one of the best cafes on the Rocks. If you're ever in Sydney in the Rocks area - head to Kendall Lane and stop in for a coffee. The staff is awesome, and I love that after only 2 weeks I've pretty much become a regular. :) They get to work on my coffee order (lg skinny cap), while I still struggle to find the right amount of coins to pay for it. I'll have to take some photos of the currency here - all kinds of colors, shapes & sizes - feels like you're playing monopoly with the pink, blue and yellow bills, but then with so many different types of coins it's like you've also put the thimble, the scottie dog and the iron in your coin purse as well.

There is another coffee shop that opened up a few blocks closer to work, AJ tried it awhile back, and I asked him how the coffee tasted? His answer: a little like guilt. The Sony team members are regulars at Fine Foods - and I'm happy to get in on the tradition (sorry Nat - I'm thinking this post will make you miss good coffee...with the closest coffee shop to the NY office being Dunkin' Donuts).
Inside of Fine Foods.

My morning cappuccino - made with love! xx

Quality coffee is definitely something I'll miss when I head back to NYC.


  1. Haha Amy yes your blog makes me appreciate how good I have it back home! My morning ritual consists of NO coffee these days, not worth it...I come into work, take out my yoghurt and muesli and eat it at my desk.. !

  2. Umm Amy there is good coffee in NY, street vendors!