Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back in Business

TA DA- my new, acquired with a staff discount, Sony Cybershot camera, also equipped with an 8GB memory card that I bought today - and was able to barter with the guy at the electronics store. Didn't know you could actually barter in stores, but they were all out of the 4GB cards, so thought I'd try my luck.

Also went with the sassy red camera, since everytime I call the Brisbane airport, they seem to have found heaps of new silver cameras, just not my silver Canon. :( Still holding onto the hope that some stand up citizen will ship at least my memory card to the Saatchi office...they can keep the camera, but I'd like my pictures back, please. Otherwise....hope Karma doesn't hold back.

Last night I had a fantastic girls night with Anna, Lisa, Baronia & Jacq - we went out to dinner at Omerta in Darlinghurst. Jacq had her camera, so pictures may be forthcoming. :) Omerta was a very cute Italian restaurant with amazing food. We split some delicious dishes, had wonderful conversation and some delectable desserts.

Throughout the course of the night I also learned some more Aussie phrases, such as 'Bless her cotton socks' AKA 'bless her heart', 'like chalk and cheese' AKA 'like oil and water', 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' AKA don't be ungrateful. 'I was running around like a pork chop!' AKA 'Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off'. Australians are super into rhyming slang, which shortens what they're trying to say. ie 'Let's go have a look' becomes 'Captain cook', or 'chicken with it's head cut off' becomes 'pork chop'. Also, another word for Americans is 'Sepos', try to stay with me on this one...Yank -> Tank -> Septic Tank -> Sepos.

Also - thank you -> Ta. just ta. People actually even sign off emails with 'Ta, so and so.' So strange.

I've got dinner with Molly tonight at Jimmy Liks in Potts Point...then packing my bags, last day in the office tomorrow :( But now that I've got a new camera in my hands, there will be plenty of pics from my last day.
Updated with pics from Jacq - our lovely desserts at Omerta

Lisa, Anna & I

All the girls - Lisa, Anna, Baronia, Jacq & I - thank you for such a fun night!!! xx


  1. Yay for a new fancy camera! So is your time there really over? When will you be back in the states? Hopefully by February bc I am coming for a visit then and can see all these photos in person and hear all your stories!!! Ta, Jess

  2. Can hardly believe it's already time for you to head state-side. I'm sorry I will miss you when I'm in NYC next week. Next time. xoxo