Thursday, December 3, 2009

What up Fleetwood Mac?

Last night, Molly and I went out to dinner in Kings Cross / Potts Point - we went to an awesome Thai restaurant - Jimmy Liks - and I haven't experienced flavors like that since I was in Thailand - amazing food!! After Jimmy Liks, we went over to Bootleg bar across the way....highlight of Bootleg - Fleetwood Mac was sitting down enjoying dinner....yup, the whole lot of them. Stevie was laughing at Lindsay's was good to see. ;) Although, Molly summed it up best, 'Even though you're a rockstar, skullits are never a good look'.

Molly, thanks for taking me under your wing in Sydney town - it was so great catching up with you while I was in town, and I look forward to seeing you either in NY or Sydney next time. xx.

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